About Us

The Story of Rickys Caribbean

Puerto Rico is an amazing Island full of music, food and a people that know how to enjoy each other and life. I came upon this remarkable place several years ago on my world travels stopping here for only 3 days but staying  3 weeks and loved it!! Now I have a home on the island and spend much of my time enjoying this perfect life style as much as possible. My name is Richard and discovering the Island of Puerto Rico has been a life changing experience.

One day I stopped by a friends house and found they were in the process of mixing a secret Puerto Rico recipe using coffee grounds, coconut oil and other ingredients producing a very special body scrub. They told me this secret combination of ingredients not only helps improve the quality of your skin by removing fine lines and wrinkles but also helps remove signs of cellulite, brown spots and acne. Leaving you not only moisturized but giving you a radiant glow.

 Later that day I took a sample and exfoliated my body and found this scrub really did make my skin feel renewed and fresh, I felt I looked younger and softer. I decided to research the ingredients to figure out why this scrub made me feel so good and it turns out that all of the ingredients have benefits that help the skin improve texture and looks. This scrub is well known in Puerto Rico and helps the woman of the island  protect their skin from the damaging sun.  I was sold and here begins the story…. With a little arm twisting my friends gave me their secret recipe to build a marketable product that we could introduce to the world. We worked together on this for one year to be sure that quantities and ingredients are just right per the recipe to maximize the power of this scrub on your skin. Most importantly we maintained the organic and all natural ingredients balanced just right.

This is how Ricky’s was created and brought to the people of the world from the island of Puerto Rico. And now, Ricky’s Caribbean introduces our men’s and woman's skin care line developed on the Island of Puerto Rico using ocean Minerals and the finest organic and all natural Ingredients.

Designed Specifically for sporty and active prople. FAST AND SIMPLE from the Island of Puerto Rico.