Why is organic so important?

When you buy products which contain organic ingredients you can be sure you are seeing nature at its best and in its most natural form.

 When you buy a product that contains organic ingredients you can be sure that the farmer has been required to follow strict requirements and has been regulated to ensure he delivers only the highest quality plants that have grown in rich soil and not been treated with pesticides, herbicides, petrochemicals, or been genetically modified.

You can also be sure that the plants used to make the skincare ingredients have not been polluted by air particles from pesticides, herbicides, genetically modified plants or other pollutants from neighbouring farms or factories, as organic farms have to be located within a safe distance from any air or soil pollutants that could contaminate them.

Additionally organic ingredients do not undergo any animal testing (unless it is required by law such as in countries like China) and are only subjected to a minimal amount of processing thus retaining as many natural benefits as possible. In contrast natural ingredients which have been subject to pesticides etc will need to undergo much more rigorous processing to make them safe for your skin; such processing will reduce the natural-occurring benefits of each ingredient.

But organic ingredients are much more than good for your skin. Most of the farmers and companies that grow organic ingredients tend to have a greater respect for nature and this respect for nature and the environment tends to be part of their company's broader philosophy e.g. they may be more conscious of their carbon footprint or may choose to use more environmentally-friendly packaging.

Quite often the price of organic skincare products puts us off and with the buzz around 100% natural products being so prevalent, many people question if they really should pay 2 or 3 times more for organic products. Our emphatic answer would be ‘yes’.

You see there is so much more to growing organic ingredients than meets the eye. Already we have mentioned the stringent requirements with regards quality of soil and non-use of cheap pesticides. That alone makes it much more expensive for a farmer to grow an organic crop. But there are many more factors which make organic farming expensive.